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昨天,中国环球电视网(China Global Television Network,CGTN)的“Point 亚洲观察”节目邀请肖飞教授远程做客,探讨了中国药物发展与国际接轨的话题。

Liu: Welcome to Professor Xiao Fei. The western drug market in China is dominated by generic drugs with its relatively weak R&D capability. Patients with serious diseases still have difficulty accessing the most innovative drugs that are available in the international markets. In terms of research and development of innovative drugs, where does China stand among its international counterparts?


Mr.Xiao: OK,actually, our status of pharmaceutical development in China is only behave like follower, because trace back to the history of drug development, actually new China being blocked by western countries for close to 30 years and the new pharmaceutical business just restart after this reform period, just after 1978,so China gradually build up this modern manufacture facilities and match with the western country standard like GMP. So, at first, China focus on this manufactory, and then behave like a copycat, and there was no intellectual property protection before 1986, so China can do whatever they like to copy the western countries’ products without any hurdle. And then, after 1993, China and US signed an intellectual property protection treaty. And then the pharmaceutical sectors have to respect the international patent right and have to follow the rules of international’s and have to wait and observe the development of the western country in pharmaceutical sectors and do generic development after thepatent expired. So the tradition is keep going, up to today, and China realize innovation is the first key strength in the future. So just catch up to do R&D, but this takes time to catch up with the Western country.



Liu: China has been catching up pretty fast, statistics from Nature index indicate that essays and articles written by Chinese experts and published in the top international journal of life sciences have Increased from 4000 in 2012 to 6500 in 2015 , only secondary to the United States. However,the application or commercialization of the academic scientific outcome of publication is relative low. Why? Are there any best practices China can learn from other countries?


Xiao: Yes. That’s true. Chinese scientific research publication is catching up with US, and list as the second largest publication contributed to the scientific society, however, when we do analysis on the quality of these publications, the original discovery, or the significant discovery, orinvention generated by Chinese scholars, is still very rare. However, just a month ago, on the cover page of  Journal of Science, Chinese scholar generate four big pieces of paper, showing the artificial synthesis of the Chromosome, this happened in China, in Chinese life, as really did wonderful job to contribute to the basic science, we’re waiting for the miracle happened in near future,because we have already accumulated strength and a lot of data here in China,and government support those research, and then can help this translational medicine, and eventually to convert this scientific discovery into invention, and then produce the valuable drugs to treat disease and heal the patients.



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